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The Rise of Wine Cellars in Australia

Wine Cellars in Australia

31 Jul The Rise of Wine Cellars in Australia

When you think of alcohol in the Australian context, the first thing you probably think of is beer and of course – “hard-earned thirst” etc. But the fact is that our national drinking preferences are undergoing a change. Overall, Australians are drinking much less than they were even up until 10 years ago; but beer is no longer the dominating drink in the Australian glass.

What this means is that Australians are now enjoying their wines much more than they did in the past; not only are they consuming more wine, but are buying and storing more too. This brings up the topic of wine cellars and how it’s not just luxury homes that have these installations. As a matter of fact, many serious wine collectors, now choose to cellar wines and will get custom wine cellars installed in their homes.

The Rising Wine Cellar Trend

For those who find space to be a constraint, spiral wine cellars are becoming the installation of choice. So what exactly has led to the rise of wine cellars in Australia? Take a look:

  • Five decades ago, Australians drank almost 20 times more beer than wines. By volume, the comparison has narrowed down to only 3 times more beer. People are now choosing to consume less alcohol and veering towards wine consumption.
  • Over the decades, the change in national trade has been attributed to the post-war migration from various European countries and rising national prosperity. In addition, the increased power of Australian women as consumers and a technologically-advanced wine industry which makes every effort to match its products with customer preferences, has led to an increase in the demand for wine. Resultantly, a larger number of people are now opting to get wine cellars installed in their homes.
  • Alcohol is quite central to the Australian culture, but drinking beer, spirits or wine is not only an individual activity of everyday life, but an intrinsically social one. There is a very strong link between identity and consumption choices. Consumption of alcohol is a matter of individual choice, but very importantly, it’s a matter of cultural taste. Wine denotes not just a cultural, but a cultured identity.
    Research indicates that the alcohol which is most likely to be picked by binge drinkers in Australia is light beer; this is followed by bottled or fortified wine. This particular trend has distinct echoes of European folklore – in which national lifestyles have linked wine with very responsible drinking.
    This has lent an air of class to wine drinking and wine collection and a larger number of people now want to be able to have quick access to good wines – either for their own consumption or when they have guests over for dinner. Having a custom wine cellar in the house, gives them the flexibility to do this without much effort.
  • Having a wine cellar in the home is a reflection of a life. People are also travelling much more than they did a decade ago. A wine cellar denotes the changing personal tastes of the homeowners, of whims and splurges, of places travelled – all these stories told through delivery stamps from various prime wine merchants. Having a wine cellar gives people the chance to reminiscence and show-off their collection of wines and good taste and whether they admit it or not- it’s a way of impressing guests too.
  • Many people who start collecting wines do so by adding small wine cooling units and wine refrigerators to their kitchens. Some under-the-counter-fridges can hold upto 50 bottles. The problem arises when they start collecting even more wine and don’t know where to store it. The only way they can ensure that their investment will be protected, is to get a custom wine cellar installed- here the humidity and temperature will be kept steady and will ensure that their wines remain unspoilt.

There is no doubt that the demand for custom wine cellars is on the rise. People are adding these to existing homes as well as to new builds. For the best installation, call Signature Cellars on 02 9340 7515 or use this contact form to get in touch with us. We will provide you with the best custom wine cellar units.

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Neil Smallman
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