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The Best Wineries in New South Wales

The Best Wineries in New South Wales

12 Feb The Best Wineries in New South Wales

Australia is starting to earn a name for itself in the wine industry. The diverse climate and the terroir in this country have led to a booming wine cultivation. Several different kinds of wine grapes are cultivated here and Australian vintners have grown and learned much over the years. They make some of the best wines available today.

Surprisingly, the New South Wales region surrounding Sydney has several thriving and wonderful wineries that produce award winning wines. At Signature Cellars, we believe that a wine lover should explore these wineries and sample their wines at least once. Here’s a brief list of the best wineries in New South Wales.

1 – Printhie Wines

For a long time, people assumed that the wine makers of Marlborough in New Zealand had the advantage when it came down to cultivation of the Sauvignon Blanc grape. The wines from Printhie proved them wrong. This winery is known for its award winning Sauvignon Blancs and some Chardonnay as well. The cool climate on the slopes of Mount Canobolas in Orange is perfectly suitable for these grapes and a few other varietals too. This winery is also finding great success with Shiraz and red blends like Shiraz Viognier.

2 – Clonakilla

Shiraz Viognier is the hero of this winery as well. Tim Kirk, the vintner of this winery is a known proponent of red blends. The winery also produces great Riesling. In fact, Riesling is one of the signature wines of this region with the International Riesling Challenge that encourages wine makers to focus on the quality of their wines. The flagship white wine of this vineyard is actually the Viognier rather than the more popular Chardonnay.

3 – Brokenwood

This particular brand is known for high quality and flavourful Shiraz, which is famously called Graveyard Shiraz. This winery has been producing high quality Shiraz for over 40 years now. There are several vintages from this winery that have received awards and recognition. The company also makes excellent Chardonnay that sources grapes from Mount Panorama near Bathurst.

4 – Tamburlane

This particular winery is a very significant producer of organic wines in the NSW region. They have three vineyards and access to a great variety of high quality grapes. These include Semillon wine grapes, Verdelho, and Chardonnay. While this winery is known for its whites, the Syrah produced by them is excellent as well. It has won several awards over the years and is widely acknowledged as one of the best Syrahs produced in this region.

5 – Tyrrells

One would say that the Tyrrells are winemaking royalty in Australia, or at least in NSW. The family has been in the wine production business for over 150 years now. The company owns vineyards in Hunter Valley, McLaren Vale, and Heathcote. Tyrrell has produced excellent Shiraz vintages and it’s the company’s signature wine. The company is also known for its Semillon white wines that are classically aged.

6 – De Bortoli

If you’re an avid Australian wine lover, you must have heard the famous Noble One dessert wine. This particular wine has been awarded about 104 trophies, 113 international awards, and 352 gold medals. Needless to say, this is one of the best dessert wines you’ll find in Australia. This Riviera region is known for dry whites but it was De Bortoli that set the standard for high quality whites here.

There are several other wineries located in this region and all of them are worth exploring. If you’re an avid fan of wines and wine making, you should definitely visit NSW.

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