Creative Wine Storage Solutions for Modestly-Sized Spaces
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Creative Wine Storage Solutions for Modestly-Sized Spaces

wine storage solutions for modestly-sized spaces

15 Apr Creative Wine Storage Solutions for Modestly-Sized Spaces

It’s probably every wine lover’s dream to have acres and acres of wine cellar space to stock their precious wine collection. But then, not every wine lover is the owner of a chateau in France. At times it happens that people struggle to find space in their homes for a decent-sized wine storage space for their whites, reds and bubblys.

It’s also why many people don’t stock wine in their homes and just hurry over to the nearest wine store to pick up a bottle every time they want to have a glass of red. But that’s not really how it has to be. While it may not be possible to install a wine cellar in your home, there are some other innovative wine storage solutions for modestly-sized spaces that can work perfectly well instead.

The considerations

Let’s tackle this in a methodical manner. Here is a list of questions; your answers to these will help determine which type of storage would best fit into the available space:

  • Do you tend to frequently consume the wine you have at home or are you trying to build a collection?
  • Do you have a lot of guests visiting your place and need more floor space for movement?
  • Do you live in a studio apartment or work from home, where the lights that falls out a wine fridge would distract you?

Now let’s take a look at some solutions…

Wall racks

If you aren’t too much into stocking of wines and just prefer keeping a few bottles accessible for times when you entertain, a wine rack may be the best option for you. It’s possible to get readymade or custom-made vertical wine racks – these are very compact and are the perfect addition to a modestly-sized home.

Stackable racks

These are another good option for small spaces. They are modular and stackable. This means, you can arrange them in the available space. You should look for an area that’s cool and dark, and where the temperature is well-regulated. If you have more space, you can get a few more modules that you can stack on top of the existing ones.

Wine fridge

For anyone who is serious about collecting wines, but has very limited storage space, a wine fridge is probably the best option. You would be able to age special bottles in the fridge. You have the option to have it built in your kitchen. However, the kitchen isn’t always the best place to store wines.

Temperature fluctuations, vibrations and light can impact the quality of your wines. Since these fridges are essentially standalone pieces, you have the flexibility to place it anywhere in your apartment or home.

They generally have adjustable thermostats and you can set them to the temperature you need. There will probably also be a temperature display that allows you to check whether your bottles are all being stored at the right temperature.

Loft cellars

If you do have some additional space to spare and are keen on building a much larger wine collection, you may also want to consider getting a loft cellar installed in your home. Since it’s off the floor, it won’t hinder movement, but it still gives you sufficient storage space for your wines.

Some loft cellars give you the option to set 2 temperature zones – one for the upper racks and a different one for the lower ones; and you can stock your wines accordingly.

Of course, it goes without saying, that if you have any space at all for a proper wine cellar, that would be the best option to store your wines. For any information about contemporary wine cellars, cellaring wine and other wine storage solutions, call Signature Cellars at 02 9340 7515. Alternatively, simply use this contact form to connect with us and we will get back to you shortly.

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