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Some Interesting and Functional Wine Rack Ideas

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11 May Some Interesting and Functional Wine Rack Ideas

There are numerous wine rack and wine storage options. Among the myriad features you choose for your home while considering wine storage, are the types of wine racks, storage spaces, and wine displays. Planning is key when it comes to choosing the right type of racks for your precious wines.

Wine racks designs

Here we discuss some interesting and functional wine rack ideas such as:

#1 Countertop wine racks

Storing wine in a countertop wine rack can be an excellent solution when there is a dearth of floor space. You can get these custom designed based on the amount of available space. Countertop racks are a good option for wine lovers that like quick access to specific wines when they are hosting a wine tasting party.

#2 Hanging racks

These wine racks hang from under cabinet spaces or ceilings. They are similar in design to wall-mounted racks, except that they may sometimes be attached to features other than walls. This particular style can be aesthetically appealing and may also have some sections to hang wine glasses. Many homeowners install these racks in their kitchens when they need some additional space for their wine. Not only are these racks practical but are space savers too.

#3 Wall-mounted racks

These racks generally have decorative aspects, yet serving the same functional and practical purpose that other racks do. They can store wine effectively while enhancing the aesthetics of a room and are also a space-saving solution. It’s important that the racks be attached correctly to the walls, ensuring they are able to support the weight of the wine bottles stored in them.

#4 Wine furniture or floor wine racks

You can also opt for standalone furniture pieces that are designed specifically to store wine. It’s not uncommon to see kitchen islands and chopping block tables with built-in wine racks. Floor racks potentially have a higher capacity for wine storage compared to their wall or hanging counterparts. You can also incorporate them as multi-functional furniture pieces.

#5 Stackable wine storage racks

If you are planning on expanding your wine collection, consider getting modular wine racks, also called stackable wine racks. These can simplify your wine collecting efforts; you can simply add more sections as your collection grows. All you have to do is stack new modular sections atop the existing ones to add the space you need for your wine bottles. This particular wine rack style is best-suited for wine rooms and custom designed wine cellars.

Why opt for a custom designed wine cellar?

While wine racks may provide some functional space, it’s crucial to note that these racks won’t protect the wine from spoilage as they don’t offer ideal storage solutions. If you have space for a custom designed wine cellar that can become the best solution when it comes to ideal wine storage conditions. Working with an experienced wine cellar designing company will help ensure you get the type of solutions that will fit your needs and budget.

We are one of the leading custom wine cellar companies and have the skills, experience, and resources to provide you the solutions you need. Our custom wine cellar creations adorn the properties of clients across the region. These climate-controlled, perfectly structured cellars provide the ideal and stable environment for your precious wine collection.

If you enjoy collecting fine wines, you should consider getting a custom wine cellar built. For any more information on custom wine cellar design and installation, you can call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636 or use this contact form to get in touch with us. We’ll be pleased to assist you and provide custom solutions that match your requirements.

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