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Wine Racks, Coolers, Cabinets, Credenzas and Cellars- Which One’s the Best?

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06 Jul Wine Racks, Coolers, Cabinets, Credenzas and Cellars- Which One’s the Best?

If you are a serious wine collector, the aspect of wine storage very quickly becomes one of the most important issues you have to deal with, especially when you have a growing wine collection. Today, there are a number of wine storage options when it comes to wine storage, ranging from simple and basic racks to custom designed wine cellars. Here we take a look at what these options are:

#1 Wine racks

Wine racks are a good way of storing wine conveniently and safely in one location. It’s important to store wine bottles in a horizontal position so that they don’t become dry and crumble. You will find there are a large number of styles and capacities to choose from including metal, wood, plastic etc. They are a convenient way to store and properly organise your wines. Some of the different types of wine racks you can choose from include:

  • Wall-mounted wine racks
  • Stackable & modular wine racks
  • Tabletop wine racks
  • Floor wine racks

#2 Wine coolers & fridges

Whether you want an under-counter wine cooler or a wine fridge in your kitchen, you will find there are a large number of varieties to choose from. Wine coolers & fridges look stylish, are quiet and efficient. Many styles also have multiple temperature zones so you can store your reds, whites and sparkling wines in the same fridge, without impacting quality. Some wine coolers are designed to specifically hold a certain size of bottles, but you can also find models with additional shelving for ‘Grand Cru’ or oversize bottles.

#3 Wine cabinets

There are different types of wine cabinets on the market today. They simply need to be placed wherever you like, in your home. Some companies offer pre-assembled varieties while others will custom design them for you in the material and finish you want. Wine cabinets are available in a range of dimensions and bottle holes and some can handle larger bottles too. Wood and brushed or black and brown aluminium are just some of the finishes to choose from.

#4 Wine Credenza

Wine credenzas are pieces that combine the functionality of wine coolers with the aesthetics of basic racks. They look like cabinets, but the space inside is temperature controlled and is specially designed to hold wine bottles. In some instances, wine credenzas are designed to include special notches or shelves to keep accessories and glasses in addition to the bottles. A wine credenza is generally designed to blend in with the décor and styling of your home as well.

#5 Wine cellar

A wine cellar is specifically designed for long-term wine storage. If you are purchasing wines as an investment or if you intend to age wine for a number of years, you’ll need to ensure the storage space is temperature controlled, has no direct sunlight streaming in, is vibration-free, with the right humidity levels. And that is exactly what you get when you opt for a custom designed wine cellar.

If you have the space and are looking for a long-term, excellent storage option, a wine cellar is what you need. The interiors can be designed exactly as you want it, with unique storage, flooring, lighting and seating options. This space can be built either in a basement or any other area of your home.

We can help you with all the designs, plans and material choices. For any more information on custom wine cellar design and installation, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636 or use this contact form to get in touch with us.

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