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Wine Racks For Your Custom Wine Cellar

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28 Sep Wine Racks For Your Custom Wine Cellar

Getting a custom wine cellar built is one of the best ways to ensure that your wine collection has the right type of storage. Planning the wine rack installations with care will help keep your bottles organized & safe, and will also enhance the aesthetics of your wine cellar. You should, therefore, choose your wine racks with visual appeal and resilience in mind.

Today, there are a large number of metal and wood wine racks to choose from, and a company that provides customized wine cellar design and installation services would be able to design features that complement the rest of the installations in the room perfectly.

Since you would want to store wine bottles of different shapes, sizes, and capacities, the wine racks need to be designed accordingly. Choosing high-quality wine racks for your cellar will ensure that they easily carry the weight of the wine bottles and last for a number of years without any trouble.

Types Of Racks For Wine Cellars

The type of wine racks for your custom wine cellar that you choose will be dependent on a number of different aspects such as the overall aesthetics of the cellar, the design concept, your personal styling preferences and budget requirements. Some of the varieties you can choose from include:

Wooden Wine Racks

These are available in mahogany, pine, redwood and lend a very traditional and classic aesthetic to your wine cellar. Many wooden wine racks are available in modular units, however, it’s a good idea to opt for custom designed installations. This helps to ensure you get the type of configuration you need.

In addition to the different types of woods, you can also choose from a variety of finishes to complement the rest of the furniture or cellar décor. If you like something more elaborate, opt for matte lacquer or Chestnut stain, crown moulding, and decorative archtop. All of these finishing touches add a very unique and elegant look to the wine racks.


If you are looking for something more economical, metal wine racks are a good choice and are space savers too. They are a beautiful addition to a finished basement custom wine cellar and add a significant amount of functionality to the space. You can choose between options are such as rectangular bins, diamond bins, magnum wine storage as well as the ladder racking with well-configured display rows.

Industrial style

Many homeowners like the modern design aesthetic when it comes to home decoration. If your home has modern architectural and design elements, you may want to consider using the same aesthetic in your wine cellar as well. Industrial style racking systems are largely made of metal but can also be a combination of materials such as timber and metal.

You can also opt for customised displays, cascade racks, multi-sized ladder racking spaces for standard size wine bottles, champagne bottles as well as magnums. Wall racking systems or cascade racks are a great storage option too. Adding display lighting and crown moulding is one of the best ways to create a stunning display in your custom designed wine cellar. Wire mesh racking systems can be used to complement glass and wood shelving.

Aspects To Focus On

When you are choosing materials and designs for your wine cellar racking systems, make it a point to focus on aspects such as strength, low maintenance, and space saver designs. Your custom wine cellar designer would be able to create great designs that provide excellent visibility of the bottle labels.

To find out about how Signature Cellars can help you design and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email

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