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Know Which Glasses Work Best For Different Wines

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07 Dec Know Which Glasses Work Best For Different Wines

Anyone that drinks wine knows that there are a variety of wine glasses of different shapes & sizes. In fact, different wine glasses are used for specific types of wine. This can all be quite confusing to a novice and even regular wine drinkers may not be very well-versed when it comes to choosing the right glass for a particular wine.

So is the type of wine glass really that important and does it impact the wine’s flavour or is it only about creating the right look? Here we take a look at the different types of wine glasses and how to choose one to suit the wines you are drinking.

A wine glass has different parts – base, stem, and bowl. The latter is generally tapered to direct & concentrate the aromas straight to your nose. You can also swirl the wine around in your glass (which helps release the aromas further), without having to worry about it spilling onto your clothes. While these parts will vary in every glass, the size and shape of the bowl are the crucial factors to consider while choosing a wine glass. Read on to know which glasses work best for different wines.

Types of Glasses for Red Wine

A red wine glass will always have a wider and larger bowl, which allows more oxygen to come into contact with the liquid. When the wine ‘breathes’ more, it helps release the robust aromas and complex flavours of the wine. The different types of red wine glasses to choose from include:

#1 Cabernet/Merlot glasses

  • Wide base
  • Average length stem
  • Large bowl with a slight taper at the top

#2 Syrah/Shiraz glasses

  • Smaller than standard red wine glasses
  • Has a sharply inward tapering rim

#3 Pinot Noir glasses

  • Turned out rim
  • Shorter stem compared to other glasses
  • Wide and large bowl

Types of Glasses for White Wine

Bowls of glasses used for white wine are always smaller than red wine glasses. This is primarily because white wines have lighter aromas. The different types of white wine glasses to choose from include:

#1 Chardonnay glasses

  • Wide bowl
  • Lightly tapering top
  • Slightly smaller than a Pinot Noir glass

#2 Sauvignon Blanc glasses

  • Long stem and
  • Slightly tapering narrow bowl
  • Slim tall design

#3 Riesling glasses

  • Narrower and taller than Chardonnay glasses

#4 Champagne/Sparkling Wine Glasses (flutes)

  • Tall and slender
  • Taper-free design

These narrow style glasses are best for serving most champagnes, sparkling wines and Prosecco. Smaller white wine glasses or glasses with wider bowls work best for rich non-vintage and vintage champagnes.

#5 Rose Wine Glasses

If you prefer drinking rose wine, white wine glasses will work best.

Fortified and Dessert Wine Glasses

There is a wide variety of glasses that can be used for fortified and dessert wines such as:

  • Port glasses – Slender and small shape.
  • Dessert/ Icewine glasses – Highly tapered rim

Crystal or Glass Wine Glasses?

The material used to make wine glasses matters a great deal. If you have a higher budget and are looking for fancy wine glasses, opt for lead-free or leaded crystal ones. These refract light and lend a sparkle to your wine, adding a chic elegance to the drink. Since the glasses are thinner, they may seem more delicate. While leaded crystal tends to turn cloudy over time, that won’t happen with the unleaded crystal variants. You can also buy good quality, clear glass wine glasses.

Wineglass trends aren’t stagnant and there are constantly new styles and shapes being added. Trying a particular wine in different glasses is one of the best ways to understand the difference and choose the right type.

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