Things To Keep In View While Choosing A Wine Cellar Door
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Things To Keep In View While Choosing A Wine Cellar Door

wine cellar door

04 Jan Things To Keep In View While Choosing A Wine Cellar Door

When you are getting your custom wine cellar designed there are a number of different aspects to take into consideration. Things like the layout of the cellar, the types of racks and the materials used in their construction, the positioning of tasting tables and furniture, lighting, humidity control and temperature control systems etc. all need to be taken into account. After all, you want your wine cellar to provide the perfect storage space for your precious wines.

Design and Aesthetics

In addition to functionality and the ideal environment, every homeowner also wants to make sure that their wine cellar has a unique design and styling. The wine cellar door is a very important aspect with reference to the overall appeal of your wine cellar and demands special attention and consideration.

The door you opt for needs to be sturdy and strong in order to protect your wines and it also needs to blend in well with the styling and décor of your home. In simple words, your wine cellar door can never be an afterthought. The feature needs to be planned with as much attention to detail as any other aspect of your wine cellar. Check out some tips here on how to choose the ideal custom wine cellar door.

If poorly selected, it could end up being the weakest link in that space because it has moving components that see wear and tear each time you enter or exit the cellar. While its aesthetics and decorative aspects are important, its airtightness, insulation capabilities and integrity are key aspects to keep in view. This will help ensure that your wines age under the ideal conditions and you can enjoy them as you should. Read on to understand the things to keep in view while choosing a wine cellar door.

Wine Cellar Door Design – Aspects To Consider


There are a number of different materials that could be used in wine cellar door construction such as:

  • Wood – These are typically made of redwood, pine or mahogany and you can opt for a simple design or something more elaborate with carvings. If you are choosing stained wood, make sure that the colour complements the colour of your wine racks as well.
  • Iron – While some homeowners do get metal doors for their wine cellars, wrought iron work is typically used in conjunction with wood and glass to create an elegant door structure. In some cases, a wrought iron door may be installed in addition to the glass door and serves more of a security function.
  • Glass – Just a standard glass door won’t be airtight enough or thick enough. If you are getting a glass door for your wine cellar, you’d have to opt for a thermal door panel with either double or triple panes that will offer the right level of insulation.
  • Galvanized Insulated Metal – Doors made of this material could be solid framed structures or could also have insulated glass surrounds.

Other Factors to Keep In View

Regardless of the material chosen, your door needs to have weather stripping right round the frame and you’d need to install a sweep at the bottom as well. While frameless glass doors look elegant, they are never a good option for wine cellars as they don’t provide an airtight seal and are generally made from a single glass pane.

In addition to these aspects, it’s also important to choose the right size of wine cellar door. Never overlook the security aspect and make sure your cellar door has either a dead-lock bolt or even a digital lock. The latter will allow you to change the combination as and when required. Fingerprint security systems are another modern option you could consider.

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