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Tips To Plan Your New Custom Wine Cellar

Planning And Making Space For A Wine Cellar In Your Home

15 Jan Tips To Plan Your New Custom Wine Cellar

Many wine lovers that have been storing their precious bottles in wine coolers have a custom wine cellar on their bucket list. If you have moved onto buying complex, premium wines that benefit from cellaring, then now is the time to consider getting a sophisticated, custom wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellar Planning

However, once you start to conduct some research, you will realise that this project involves much more than installing some racks in a cool room. A significant amount of planning goes into designing and building a custom wine cellar. The best way to get it right is to hire the services of professionals who would help with every aspect of the job. It’s also vital to have some basic information on what goes into planning this feature, such as:

  • Budget – This is one of the first aspects to set in place. Consider your budget and the type of feature you can afford. Determine whether you would be able to comfortably channel money towards building it. While it’s a good idea to be flexible, you must also set a certain limit for spending.Some common expenses to keep in view include insulation, flooring, racking systems, a dehumidification and cooling system, the lighting and décor. Regardless of the scope of your project, skilled custom wine cellar designers can provide the best solutions within your budget.
  • The Right Location – You would also need to evaluate the available space for the right location. You can incorporate the cellar into any underutilized or unused space such as the dining room, basement, guesthouse, guest bedroom or even an unused pantry or closet. But you must consider how much light enters that space and what the climate of that particular location is. It needs to be a vibration-free space with the right humidity levels. As mentioned earlier, you’d have to invest in a humidity and temperature control system for that chosen spot.
  • Storage Capacity – The location of the cellar will dictate whether you would be able to accommodate your expanding collection of wines over the years. Keep your purchasing habits in view. A good way to estimate this aspect is to estimate the future bottle count and multiply it by three. Using the right types of racking system can help you make the most of the available storage space. Skilled designers will help on this count and will ensure that the racks they design accommodate a range of bottle sizes and will maximise storage.

Custom Features

Once you have all these basics in place, you can start thinking about customisation and the unique features you would want in your new wine cellar. Think about any stunning wine cellars you have seen or been in over the years or derive design inspiration from online sources and magazines. Decide whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary or modernistic style and the type of décor and finishes you want. The materials used will also determine the overall look and style of the wine cellar.

Many custom wine cellar designers use CAD software to help clients visualise what the space will look like once everything is in place. You can discuss all your requirements with the designers, and they will provide their inputs and plans. It’s crucial to choose high quality materials, fixtures, hardware and other products as that will increase the durability of your wine cellar. Every homeowner will have specific ideas about how they want this installation will be and experienced professionals ensure that the designs and plans they provide are in line with their clients’ needs.

Hire Custom Wine Cellar Experts

We at Signature Cellars are focused on providing clients with the best solutions that fit right into their budget. Our customised and personalised approach are some of the things that help ensure you have the most delightful experience when you hire us.

We can help you design and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email, and our team will respond within the shortest possible time. We are here to help with every aspect of wine cellar planning and design; they will help you choose the perfect materials and fixtures too.

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