Why You Need Professionals For Wine Cellar Design and Installation?
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Why You Need Professionals For Wine Cellar Design and Installation?

why you need professionals for wine cellar design and installation

10 Apr Why You Need Professionals For Wine Cellar Design and Installation?

A wine cellar is a value-add to a home. If you are a wine lover and like collecting and drinking wines, getting a custom wine cellar designed and installed by experts is the way to go. However, it’s crucial to know that not any company can plan and install a wine cellar for you. This feature is different from any other room or space in your house, and every aspect of it needs to be planned down to the last detail.

Why Hire Professionals for Wine Cellar Installations

It’s why you need proven professionals for wine cellar design and construction. Take a look at how they can help in this aspect and why their professional expertise matters in this project:


Before starting on the project, the custom wine cellar designers will have a consultation with you. This is a crucial aspect of the job during which these experts will have detailed discussions to understand what your specific ideas and requirements are. They will also survey the available space to determine whether it is suitable for the construction of a wine cellar.

These features can be installed under the ground or also in any other area of your home. While discussing your needs, the designers will also offer their inputs as part of the consultation. They use their knowledge and expertise in the field to make sure that you have a good understanding of the requirements, practical setting requirements, as well as all the costs and maintenance aspects involved.

Customisation Is Important

Since every space is different and each homeowner will have particular requirements when it comes to their wine cellar design, customisation has a vital role to play. Custom planning helps to ensure that the new addition to your home complements the architectural styling of the various other features and installations in the indoor areas. The other things they will focus on include:

  • They will take care to incorporate elements, materials and stylistic touches that are in sync with various other features and decor.
  • Since each home will have specific square footage and layouts, there is no set rule when it comes to the overall dimensions of a wine cellar. The space and your needs will be the guiding factors in wine cellar size and shape.
  • While creating the designs and plans of your custom wine cellar, the professionals will balance factors such as practicality, aesthetics, functionality and the budget you are working on.
  • They will provide multiple designs and layout options so you can take your pick.
  • The other important aspect is the material choices. They will show you various material options for the wine racks, flooring, walls as well as light fittings and different finishing and fixtures.
  • While some property owners prefer a very basic wine cellar used only for storing the wines, others want an elaborate and luxurious space that includes a seating area for wine-tasting purposes.
  • The designer of the wine cellar will take into account the number of bottles and the types of wine bottles that you want to store in that space. The structure and material of the racks will be chosen with care so that they can support the weight of your wines while being aesthetically appealing as well.
  • The right kind of illumination is required to showcase all your wines well, and will also make it easy for you to access wines quickly and read their labels without any effort. It’s best to opt for LED lighting installations (as these emit cool light) rather than standard ones that can heat the space. Track lighting, recessed lighting, under the counter and under-cabinet lighting as well as wine rack lighting can uplift the look of your wine cellar in a significant way.
  • The professionals will keep all of these aspects in view while designing your custom wine cellar. They will make sure that the solutions they provide will help to create a robust, innovative, creatively-designed and reliable storage space for your precious wines.

Wine Cellar Design and Installation

  • This care and attention to detail will continue during the installation process as well.
  • A professional wine cellar design & installation company will always source the best materials on the market and offer exquisite workmanship.
  • They will focus on creating an adequately insulated, vibration-free space with the right temperature and humidity settings.
  • All of the materials chosen will also be selected with care to ensure that their finishes do not affect the quality of the wines. For example, if very strong polishing or paint materials are used as finishing options for furniture or racks, those smells can infiltrate the wines, affecting their quality.
  • This is also where the right wood variety choices come into the picture. Aromatic woods have smells that can infiltrate the wine. The professionals will recommend wood species that are humidity, rot and termite-resistant.
  • A custom wine cellar designing company will make sure that the door design is planned correctly and that it is secure.

Hire the Services Of Skilled And Experienced Wine Cellar Designers

As you can see, various aspects are crucial to the overall function, styling and appeal of your custom wine cellar. While keeping all of these considerations in view, the professionals will also make sure that the wine cellar they design and install for you is in line with your budget. The company will handle every aspect of your wine cellar plan and installation down to the smallest detail. They will create a space that’s the perfect storage for your wines. If you hire a company with little experience in the field, they would not be able to take a 360-degree view and include all your requirements, while focusing on essential aspects of wine cellar designs. Only proven professionals like the ones at our company would be able to tackle the job expertly.

To find out about how Signature Cellars can help you design and build a wine storage solution that can help protect your investment and add value to your home, call us on 1300 570 636 or email info@signaturecellars.com.au, and we will respond within the shortest possible time to discuss the details of your custom wine cellar project.

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