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Pointers To Select The Perfect Wine Cellar Doors

pointers to select the perfect wine cellar doors

25 Mar Pointers To Select The Perfect Wine Cellar Doors

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you almost certainly fantasise about owning your magnificent wine cellar. A wine cellar isn’t just another space for storing your wines. It greatly adds value to the interior design of your property. Additionally, it shows the level of sophistication and beauty that you chose for yourself.

A wine cellar is a representation of the person who owns it. Everything you choose, from the style to the bottles, will make an impression. While creating a wine cellar, it is impossible to overlook the importance of selecting the right door. Wine cellar doors are a vital feature of its overall design.

Tips To Select the Perfect Wine Cellar Door

Taking satisfaction in displaying your wine cellar to visitors or colleagues can be a source of pride for you. You desire to invite them into the personal space you have constructed. The door will help safeguard your collection and create the ideal environment for the cellar. So, how will you choose the wine cellar doors? Consider the following expert-recommended tips.

1. Selecting The Right Material

When selecting wine cellar doors, you must consider the material. The door should be durable, aesthetically beautiful, and functional to maintain the ideal ambience in your wine cellar. Typically wood is the most commonly used material for doors. Mahogany or redwood are excellent choices for an antique, strong wine cellar door. Choose glass or engraved glass doors for a more modern style.

Because the cellar will be located within your property, it will receive little natural light. As a result, the glass door is an excellent choice for your sleek, beautiful cellar. A dual or triple pane with a vacuum seal is ideal for your cellar. Metal cellar doors are also an option, as they are elegant and easy to customise. You may add a second layer of security to your wine cellar by using glass and metal doors. This adds to the cellar door’s mystique and refinement.

2. Framing That’s Airtight

Your wine cellar door is also vital for establishing the ideal ambience within, which is why, regardless of the type of door you choose, you must have an airtight framework for it. The doors must have weatherproof stripping around the perimeter and a sweep at the bottom.

It will help maintain appropriate temperature and humidity levels at all times. Avoid frameless single-pane glass doors when selecting your cellar door. This is required due to your wine cellar’s high thermal load. If you cannot perfect the door, you may need to buy in a much more effective cooling unit. As a result, select the appropriate door frame.

3. Take a Look at the Interior’s Remaining Areas

Your beautiful wine cellar is an addition to your property. But it is also an element of your interior decoration. Hence, finding the correct balance is crucial. You can choose any material or style for the cellar doors. However, you need to ensure that the design of your door blends perfectly with the interior of your property. Perhaps you are storing vintage red wines that require several years for maturation.

You might opt for a wooden door with an antique appearance. However, if the remainder of the property seems contemporary and elegant, it might not blend well. Hence, consider the symmetry of style. That makes custom wine cellar doors a superior alternative because they will perfectly match the rest of the decor.

4. Achieving the Perfect Balance

As a wine enthusiast, you understand the value of your collection. Moreover, the point of establishing a wine cellar is to safeguard it. Simultaneously, one cannot dispute the aesthetic appeal it would provide. This is why your priority should be to find the right balance. Select a door that allows for easy visibility of the collection. However, it will deter prying eyes and hands from approaching it. In this scenario, opting for a double layer is a wise choice.

You now have all the required knowledge regarding wine cellar doors. For more information on selecting the perfect wine cellar doors, call Signature Cellars on 1300 570 636. Our team is here to help you develop the ideal custom wine cellar for your needs.

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